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Antidote Network is being revamped.

We are now expanding to minigames and new and exciting gamemodes! We have a huge range of custom and premium plugins just waiting for people to be given!

Dates - No date has currently been decided for official launch of the new server, all the old bugs, crates and relics are GONE! Every day we have a professional team working on huge builds and plugin maintenance allowing you to have a clean and bugfree experience! We are currently planning on release before the end of July ready for the summer holidays and our MORE THAN HALF PRICE DISCOUNT!


Things I can tell you!

- We will have a very unique version of skyblock as out release game mode!

- We are planning on a release for "Hide 'n' Seek" shortly after release!

- A large variety of fun and exciting gamemodes are planned on being released in the future!

Welcome to AntidotePVP, we're glad you found us and hopefully, you enjoy playing here. It shouldn't take you long to realize that we aren't a regular factions server, this is op factions. This means that we basically have the same rules as a regular faction server, but there are more, custom items for you collect, and just generally more for you to do. We have custom crates and relics, the relics being something you receive from the crates.

We have custom relics, the relics being something you receive from the crates at /warp crate and /warp crate 2. Save up enough money in-game and you can buy these crates for yourself, to add more relics to your collection.

The relic rarities are as follows:











These items rank from Common to Inconceivable, Common being the lowest tier and inconceivable being the highest tier.

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